A Better Life for Two Rescued Pups

All dogs deserve a second chance at a forever home

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image by Karen Arnold from pixabay

My last 6 dogs were all rescues.

Five of them have passed away, but they all lived a very long life and died of old age.

They came from various shelters in two different states.

The last two were a bonded pair. A male and female, supposed to be Shih Tzus, but the male was so much bigger and heavier that I believe he is a Lhasa Apso.

I found them listed on Pet Finder, they were in a veterinary clinic. They were there because someone rescued them after seeing them being thrown from a car onto a busy highway.

They were both checked out, spayed and neutered, and then listed on Pet Finder with a clean bill of health.

The vets thought they were 2 or 3 years old. Still babies.

I believe in severe punishment for animal abusers. I have no tolerance for any animal abuse or child abuse. (But that’s another story for another day!)

These two sweet pups brought so much life and laughter to our home. They were always waiting at the door when we arrived back home or watching out the window.

They would run in sync with each other in the meadow having a happy, yappy good time!

I tried to spoil them and hoped that they could forget being thrown out of a car.

Do dogs ever really forget when bad things happen to them?

The Lhasa would have bouts of car sickness for about 2 years after we got them. I thought maybe he feared he was going to be thrown out of a car again.

Over the years, they both enjoyed continued good health. I always did their grooming and never kenneled them. If they were not welcome where I was going, I didn’t go.

To say that my dogs are important to me is an understatement. Their comfort is paramount.

There are always blankets on the floors, dog toys, feeding dishes and water bowls. Their diet consists of high quality fresh foods for dogs, mixed with roasted turkey and some grilled salmon a couple times a week.

They only get treats that I prepare. I do not give them anything with dyes or chemicals in the ingredients.

We have a large ramp at the foot of our bed so they can come and go as they please. The Lhasa has claimed a den like place under the ramp for his private hide away. He has his blankets just the way he likes them.

We have foam steps at the sofa so little feet can come and go. Sofas and chairs are all covered with blankets or old spreads. All for the comfort of my dogs.

I scurry around to clear seating when friends come by. My dogs live here full time, friends only visit for a few hours. If they are offended by my treatment of my dogs, then they are not true friends.

But most of our friends have dogs themselves, so they are very understanding and they often bring their dogs over for a play date or frolic.

My little female Shih Tzu was the sweetest dog. She loved to curl up on the sofa or on my lap for snoozes.

Not knowing exactly how old she was, when she had her checkups, the vets always checked her heart and we were told that her heart was very strong, but she probably had arthritis.

On a warm afternoon in May, she began laying around. She hadn’t eaten in a day, which was unusual, but she was very picky sometimes.

As evening came on, I was holding her and she began to breathe hard for a few minutes and suddenly she took her last breath.

I could not believe it! I was hugging her and she died!

She took another piece of my heart with her, as they all do when they pass away. How much heart do I have left?

There’s always floods of tears when I lose one of my furry companions.

I still miss her very much and cannot believe how quickly she died.

I never expected anything could be wrong, based on what the vet had been telling me.

The house has become very quiet since her passing.

One less heartbeat in the house.

The Lhasa looks around like he’s expecting to see her come into the room.

He’s very quiet, kind of subdued.

Some people think dogs don’t have emotions, but they most certainly do.

They feel happy, sad, fear, loneliness. And he misses his companion.

Now, there’s one less 4 legged fur baby waiting at the door.

She is truly missed and never to be forgotten.

I know she would tell me to go find another furry friend that needs a home, so I am searching adoption sites and animal shelters.

It won’t be long before there will be another four legged friend waiting at the door!

One of my very favorite poems from Rudyard Kipling:

The Power of the Dog

I have many interests and I love writing about them. Dogs,food,lifestyle.. I could go on and on, but I won’t. I’ll write articles instead!

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