Health care(?) in the U.S. is big business. It’s all about the bottom line. Yes, ambulance transport is at least $700.00. My husband collapsed in the front yard, I called EMS and it took them 22 minutes to get here. He was gone by then, but they did try to revive him. However, they transported him to a small hospital and I have not received that bill yet. Do they charge more or less when the person has already passed away?

So many people lose everything trying to be taken care of. It’s a paper chase of forms and billing, being bounced from one doctor to another. And the constant taking of blood. I am speaking from a very recent experience and the care that was taken could have been better.

Every doctor has a monetary interest in the patient. When they come to the hospital room, it’s an expense of $300–$400. They may not say much or stay long, doesn’t matter. I did not realize this, I actually believed that the doctors were there to help the patient. It’s a JOB! It’s another day at the office for them, if you get better, that’s great and if you don’t, well, that’s the way it goes.

We have been hearing about Health Care Reform in the U.S. for years. It will probably get worse before it ever gets better.

Doctors bury their mistakes.

I have many interests and I love writing about them. Dogs,food,lifestyle.. I could go on and on, but I won’t. I’ll write articles instead!

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