I hope every dog owner that reads this begins to make plans for their dog.

I see dogs on adoption sites that have been displaced because their owner is ill or passed. The poor dog doesn’t understand what happened and it can be very upsetting.

Being placed with someone that the dog knows is so much better.

Some people may not want the dog around 24/7.

I’ve heard stories of people taking a dog after a death and then they dump it.

That’s heartbreaking and should never happen.

Protecting your dog during an emergency is not to be taken lightly. You really have to “interview” your friends and family and hope that they are truthful with you when you ask if they will be your dog’s caregiver in the event something dire happens to you.

Dog owners should keep a journal with information about their dog. Food preferences, veterinarian, allergies, likes and dislikes. This is important information needed to protect your dog.

Hopefully, families make plans for their children, just in case, and the same plans should be made for the family dog.

I have many interests and I love writing about them. Dogs,food,lifestyle.. I could go on and on, but I won’t. I’ll write articles instead!

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