This is an excellent article. Many people expect their new puppy or dog to understand everything without training or direction.

Dogs are left alone too long during the day and that’s one reason they poop in the house. It’s not because they want to be irritating. But imagine if you have to really, really go to the bathroom and you can’t. And you are expected to hold it for 8–12 hours. Could you?

Dogs are living creatures that we are all lucky to have in our lives, they are not stuffed animals.

Finding your dog waiting at the door and excited to see you is the best greeting. You don’t realize what a great greeting it is until the dog has passed away and is no longer waiting at the door.

An emptiness like no other.

Thanks for sharing all this great info.

I have many interests and I love writing about them. Dogs,food,lifestyle.. I could go on and on, but I won’t. I’ll write articles instead!

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